ATTENTION: New Scam Targeting Veterans

According to the FCC, veterans may be at-risk for a benefits scam.

U.S. veterans should be wary of calls or recorded messages claiming to be from “veterans services.” The calls use caller ID spoofing, which means a scam call looks like it is coming from the VA, and most veterans may see, “Department of Veterans Affairs, 1-800-827-1000” on their caller ID.

These scam callers are attempting to obtain financial and other personal information from veterans, such as social security numbers, dates of birth and bank account numbers. Callers may tell vets there is a new type of veterans benefit related to home loans.

Veterans may receive a voice message from the scam callers along the lines of, “Your VA profile was flagged for two potential benefits to the changes in the VA program. These are time-sensitive entitlements. Please call us back at your earliest convenience.”

These scammers aim to trick veterans into providing their personal information by impersonating the VA. Please do not provide/verify your personal information over the phone.

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