February 22, 2019

Benefit Resources

Welcome to the Benefit Resources page, here we are dedicated to helping veterans become educated in the benefits they could be eligible for. Below are links that will navigate you to information that will help aid in a better future.

Disabled American Veterans Service Org

The DAV works with veterans and other compaies to provide benefits, like discounts on cars, homes, technology, and helping them to access mental and physical help. They provide transportation and can go to veterans houses.


American Legion Service Org

The services provided include help with VA claims, assistance in finding employment, support for current members of the military, and financial advice.


Vet Net

An online resource to help veterans finds jobs.


Veterans of foreign wars Service

Provide veterans with discounts on a number of mechandise and services. Helps veterans take advantage of veteran benefits.


Military Order of the Purple Heart Service

Assisting wounden veterans by supporting them in number of ways like support groups and being an advocate for them.


Vet Tix

They provide veterans with tickets to different events like sports or plays.


Marine corps league

Preserving the traditions of the United States Marine Corps. Give fincial benfits to veterans.


US submarine Veterans

Help fund things like cholarships and memorials for submarine veterans. Utah chapter has meetings once a month a golden corral.


American Legion Auxiliary

To honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families.


Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America

To provide support to Veterans and their families through programs, projects, and education.



Raise funds for veteran programs. Give scholarships to members. Provide a voice DC. Spend time at hospitals.


Fleet Reserve Association

Congressionally chartered for Sea Service men and women. Provide scholarships, fincial support, and advocate in DC


Military Officers Association of America

Large group. Advocates for veterans and military personal. Provide benefits like finance, education, jobs, and travel.


The TREA: The Enlisted Association

Main mission is to provides a voice for veterans to keep their benefits along with providing their own finicial benefits to veterans.


The Fisher House Foundation

Comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.


Veterans for Common Sense

Help to provide a voice for veterans through law making and in helping to process claims to the VA.


Travis Manion Foundation

To assist our nation’s veterans and the families of fallen heroes. They do this encouraging and supporting veterans to reach their goal .


Operation Home Front

Provides emergency financial and other assistance to military families coping with deployment and injury recovery.


Homes for our Troops

We assist severely injured servicemen and women by building them homes at no cost to them.