Call for Vietnam Veterans: Saints at War Project

Brigham Young University is seeking Vietnam veterans to interview for its Saints at War Project.

Founded in 2000, the Saints at War Project dedicated to acquiring and preserving the accounts of Latter-Day Saint Veterans who have served in any of the militarily significant wars and conflicts. In partnership with the Veteran’s History Project through the Library of Congress and the L. Tom Perry Special Collections in the Harold B. Lee Library BYU, over 3,000 accounts of veterans have been collected to-date. These accounts are shared directly with the Library of Congress. 

Currently, the Saints at War Project is looking to interview Latter-Day Saint veterans to document how American involvement in Vietnam changed Utah and the United States.

The Saints at War Project will be interviewing individuals on campus at Brigham Young University. For those interested in participating and helping preserve this history, please contact Saints at War Project fellow Krysta Taylor at 385-505-6031 or can send her an email to