November 23, 2018


Over 56,000 Service members living in Utah have participated in operations and support of the ongoing current conflict. Many of these Veterans face unique challenges reintegrating back into civilian life. The Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs has created a position to address the needs of these current conflict Veterans. Whether it be filing a compensation claim, utilizing the GI Bill®, seeking employment and everything in between, Utah’s Got Your Six.



The links below will direct you to events and appointments held in this region as well as current news.

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The map below shows venues where our Veteran Service Officers hold appointments. (check events calendar for appointment schedules) You can also find your regional VSO’s contact info at the bottom of this page.

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Five Must Do’s

This link contains several things we recommend all veterans do that will help make accessing benefits easier.


Utah Employment Centers


Utah Education Centers

Veteran Affairs Community Based Outpatient Clinics

Please click here for the Community Clinic Directory

Contact Our Regional Officers

Office: (801) 326-2372