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August 30, 2018

State Approving Agency (SAA)

We are the state agency whose mission is to ensure that every eligible veteran, reservist/National Guard member, and other eligible persons are afforded the opportunity to pursue their educational or vocational program goals to their full potential.  The Utah SAA will work to protect the eligible person’s right to a quality education or a quality training program.

The SAA performs all duties necessary for the inspection, approval and supervision of those programs offered by qualified educational institutions, training establishments, and tests for licensing and certification in accordance with the standards and provisions of Title 38, U.S.C.

This includes providing in-depth technical assistance and outreach liaison with all related organizations, agencies, individuals and activities to help veterans and other eligible persons achieve their educational and vocational goals.

For Further information Contact The State Approving Agency for Veterans Education

David Salgado – State Approving Agency Director

Office: (801) 584-1973
or Email
Fax: (801) 584-1964

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FAQ For Currently Approved Schools (click on titles to see information)

What if there has been a change in ownership or my school has moved?

You must submit an SAA form 4251 to the SAA for approval. Failure to do so timely can result in a delay of payment to the Veterans or Institution

What do I need to do to add a new program to my list?

If your institution has made changes to programs or policies (new tuition, added a new program) outside of catalog publication, we can review it as a program modification. All you need to submit to the SAA is a letter requesting approval of the new program or policy, submit supporting documentation to that letter and list the effective date of the change. These actions are generally reviewed quickly by the SAA.

What do I need to do with the new catalog and can you just review our website?

Whenever an institution publishes a new catalog, we consider the previous catalog as being no longer valid; meaning your programs, as approved, are no longer in effect. You must submit two certified true and correct copies of this catalog to the SAA with a completed and signed application. Due to the requirement that catalogs must be certified and maintained on file for reference during VA compliance surveys, we CANNOT accept websites as they change and cannot be certified. We accept hard copies or PDF files on a disk.

Keep in mind that the students are being paid for attending an approved program and if that program changes and is not re-approved by the SAA, the student cannot be paid for that non-approved program. Worse case scenario, VA may recoup all monies paid during that time. Keeping your approval up to date is the schools responsibility and is very important to avoid lost/delayed payments for students.

Do I need to complete a compliance survey?

If you are preparing for a compliance survey, the following presentation contains the latest guidance for the completion of these surveys. Please review prior to the scheduled compliance survey visit.

Compliance Survey Presentation