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State of Utah to hold Memorial Day Commemorative Event at Capitol

The State of Utah will hold an in-person Memorial Day commemorative event at the Utah Capitol at 10 a.m. on Monday, May 31. The event will honor those who died protecting the nation, as well as Veterans who passed away during the pandemic.

On Memorial Day, the United States pauses to honor the fallen heroes who died in service to our Nation. Each year, we recognize the almost 3,000 Utahns who paid the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts around the world, ensuring our freedoms and liberties.

This year, the state of Utah will also pay respects to the Utah Veterans who passed away over this past year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these Veterans were unable to receive final honors recognizing their service to our great country. 

Monday’s commemorative event will entail a wreath-laying, a ceremonial cannon firing, and a performance of the bugle call Taps. 

Additionally, flags will be displayed on the Utah Capitol lawn to represent those who have passed away. The names of known Veterans who passed away since March 2020, when Utah declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19, are listed below. 

Note: These are names shared by loved ones of Veterans with the Utah Department of Veterans & Military Affairs. Our team made their best effort to invited families to submit the names of Veterans who passed during the pandemic (since March 2020 to current). If you happen to know anyone we missed, please reach out to

Blake Dean Able, Navy
Thomas Miles Adams, Army
Dewey Newell Adamson, Army
Clyde Aders, Air Force
John Adkins, Navy
David Alama, Navy
William Alexander, Air Force
Ann Nancy Alexander, Air Force
Jason Scott Alexander, Army
Phillip Alexander, Army
Prentice Pace Alexander, Navy
Ross Lamont Allen, Air Force
Ruel Acord Allred, Air Force
Reese Merle Almond, Army
John Francis Amendola, Army
William David Ames, Army
Craig Griffin Anderson, Air Force
Milton Anderson, Army
Gary Anderson, Army
Leland Joseph Anderson, Army
Clair Lynn Anderson, Army
Thomas Keith Anderson, Army
Roderick Duane Anderson, Marine Corps
Luis Lorenzo Angeles, Army
Eugene Joseph Arnold, Air Force
Kenneth Leroy Asay, Marine Corps
William Ashley, Navy
Andrew Glenn Astill, Marine Corps
William G Atkinson Jr, Marine Corps
Howard Dean Baddley, Army
Juan Baez-Cofme, Army
Vincent Dale Bailey, Army
Alma Baker, Air Force
Donald Balfour, Navy
Phillip Charles Barnes, Army
Robert Lee Barr, Army
Louis Calvillo Barraza, Navy
William Barsballe, Army
Joseph William Bate, Army
Gary Wallace Bates, Army
Chel Bates, Navy
Rex Dean Baxter, Army
Amedeo Beacco, Army
Gerald Lee Beard, Navy
Carwin Beardall, Air Force
Daniel Ray Beazer, Marine Corps
Melvin Henry Beesley, Navy
Howard Begay, Marine Corps
John Lyle Bemis, Navy
Anthony Bennett, Army
Hugh Boyd Bennett, Army
John Best, Army
James William Bilich, Coast Guard
Richard Blood Bird, Army
Douglas Kent Black, Army
Steven Arnold Blanke, Army
Kris Shin Borg, Army
Henry Dale Bott, Navy
Albert Bouwhuis, Army
William Thomas Bowden, Navy
Ed Boyce, Navy
Milton Harry Bradfield, Navy
Carl LeRoy Brague, Army
John Joseph Brannelly, Air Force
Timothy James Braun, Marine Corps
Ammon  Brenay, Navy
Steven Clark Brereton, Marine Corps
John Edward Bresland, Navy
Michael Thomas Briggs, Army
Jack Donald Brocksmith, Air Force
Jack D. Brocksmith, Air Force
Ronlad William Broers, Army
James Gordon Brooks, Army
Lafayette D. Brooks, Navy
Marvin Douglas Brough, Air Force
Robert Chris Brown, Army
Philip Dale Brown, Navy
Adrienne Brooke Brown, Navy
Rick Brown, Army
David Brown, Army
Michael Frederick Brunner, Marine Corps
David George Buck, Navy
Randy James Bullock, Army
Larry Tom Burbank, Navy
William Burdett, Army
William Michael Burdine, Air Force
Ronald LeRoy Burke, Navy
Ronald Dee Burt, Air Force
John Charles Butcher, Army
John Ray Butler, Army
Patrick Wayne Calton, Air Force
Wallace Reid Cameron, Navy
John Campellone, Army
Conrado Quiazon Capanas, Navy
Kenneth Jerome Carpentier, Coast Guard
Charles Reeser Carter, Air Force
Roger Jay Carter, Air Force
James Carter, Army
Roger  Carter, Air Force
Donald Carl Castle, Air Force
Weston Kay Caswell, Army
Cecil Lloyd Cavender, Navy
John Arthur Chacon, Marine Corps
William Chamberlain, Air Force
Richard Chamberlain, Army
Charles William Chandler, Air Force
Randall Lee Chandler, Navy
James Layton Chase, Air Force
Max DeJesus Chavez, Navy
Ivan Cherry, Air Force
Jerry E Chidester, Navy
Max J. Christensen, Army
William Louis Christensen, Navy
Cecil Ned Christensen, Air Force
Richard Ogden Christiansen, Army
William Christoffersen, Army
Paul Frederick Clark, Air Force
Ray Leo Clark, Army
Daryl Clark, Navy
Darrell C. Cleavery, Navy
Gary Lee Clement, Army
Dwane Edward Clifford, Air Force
Dale Nielsen Cluff, Army
Parker Hawkins Cochell, Navy
Terry Brent Cole, Army
Mark H Collins, Army
James Charles Cooley, Army
Hayden Cooper, Air Force
Mark Wright Cooper, Navy
James Corbett, Navy
Joseph Bruce Cotton, Navy
James Grant Cottrell, Army
Ralph Crocket, Army
Ralph Darrell Crockett, Army
Donald Victor Crofutt, Air Force
Robert Dyer Crosby, Air Force
Daniel Cross, Army
Allen Dennis Crouder, Marine Corps
Terrance L. Curtis, Army
David Eugene Dade, Marine Corps
Richard Everett Dakins, Marine Corps
Ol Long Darden, Air Force
Thomas William Darlington, Army
John Davis, Army
Russell Allen Davis, Army
Donald Barton Davis, Army
Dallon Talbot Day, Navy
Thomas Francis Degraw, Army
Martin Denyer, Navy
Kenny Thomas Dettman, Air Force
Libertad Diaz-Ortiz, Army
Ronald Joe Dobson, Army
Paul Ralph Dodge, Navy
Patrick Eugene Donahue, Army
Gennaro Joseph Donofrio, Air Force
Michael Doporto, Army
Donald Gordon Dowd, Navy
George R. Drabner, Army
Garland Drake, Army
Michael David Drake, Marine Corps
Justin Jeffery Dredge, Marine Corps
Justin Dredge, Marine Corps
Daniel Duke, Army
Phillip Roger Duke, Army
Jimmy Roger Duncan, Air Force
John Dunn, Navy
Bill E Eggen, Army
Ernest Troy Eichler, Marine Corps
David Gaylord Elgannen, Army
Verlin Noble Ellard, Army
Mark Dale Elliott, Army
Thomas Wayne Ellis, Army
Jack Evans, Navy
Theodore Richard Everett, Army
Carlos Fernando Fackrell, Army
Danny LeRoy Fallows, Army
Mary Elizabeth Farley, Army
Robert James Ferrozzo, Air Force
Frank Dee Fife, Navy
Janel Lynn Fillmore, Army
David Merrill Fisher, Army
Steven Craig Fivas, Army
Dennis Raymond Fletcher, Air Force
John Paul Fletcher, Army
Dee W Flitton, Army
Larry Cliff Folkman, Navy
Charles Dale Ford, Army
George Ford, Army
Eldon D. Foreman, Army
Phillip Frankie Forrest, Marine Corps
David Allen Fouty, Air Force
Jerry Lynn Fowles, Navy
Jonathan Mark Franz, Army
James Frazer, Air Force
Walter Fread, Navy
John R. Frey, Army
Frederick Friese, Army
Larry Kent Frisk, Navy
Lawrence Frederick Funk, Marine Corps
Thomas Gaball, Army
Leslie Arden Gale, Air Force
James Gallagher, Air Force
Benjamin Harold Gallegos, Army
Charles Galloway, Air Force
Keith Paul Garber, Army
Grant Giles Gardner, Army
Don Carlos Gardner, Navy
Ada Garner, Air Force
Larry Gene Gaudio, Marine Corps
Robert William Geddes, Army
Harry Lynn Gehring, Army
Harry George, Army
Vivian German, Air Force
Ronald Coleman Gibb, Army

Mack Gardnier Gilbert, Air Force
Travis Jw Giles, Army
Frederick Louis Gilman, Navy
Jesse W. Gilstrap, Army
John Glidden, Air Force
Lawrence Dale Goetteche, Navy
Harold W. Golde, Army
Gerald Dee Goldman, Marine Corps
Elliott Joel Goldman, Navy
Rudy Robert Gonzales, Army
Dennis Joseph Gonzales, Marine Corps
Will Ellis Goodrun, Army
Rodney Foster Gordon, Army
Vincent Michael Gordon, Army
Paul Eugene Gottfredson, Air Force
Larry Roger Grant, Air Force
Robert Lynn Grant, Army
Harvey Ralph Gray, Army
Gene Edward Gray, Army
Sheldon James Green, Air Force
Ralph Clyde Green, Army
Lloyd Albert Green, Army
Kim Lee Green, Navy
Jerry Milton Green, Navy
Gerry Montgomery Griffith, Air Force
Matthew Gualtieri, Army
Jackie W. Guerrero, Air Force
Daniel Lee Guile, Army
Danny L. Hale, Air Force
Donald Douglas Hale, Marine Corps
Raymond Hall, Marine Corps
George A. Hall, Marine Corps
Michael Joseph Halloran, Army
Stanley Reed Halversen, Air Force
Jacob Richard Hamblin, Air Force
James Handley, Army
Donald Reid Hansen, Air Force
Dennis George Hansen, Marine Corps
David Eugene Hansen, Navy
Curtis Haralson, Army
Doris Eileen Harding, Army
Douglas Kirkman Hardy, Army
Michael C. Haring, Air Force
Jay Kaylen Harper, Army
Kent Harper, Army
Boyce Rich Harris, Army
Richard Henry Hart, Navy
James Hatch, Army
Billy Lee Hatfield, Air Force
Willard Duane Haugen, Air Force
Michael Ray Haydon, Air Force
Allen David Hender, Army
Rex Hendricks, Navy
Ronald Ernest Heward, Navy
Jerry Wayne Hickerson, Air Force
Frank Jason Hicks, Army
Merrill Hill, Navy
Richard Lee Hilyard, Army
Ernest Hlawatschek, Army
Thomas Hobbs, Navy
Ted Gerald Hockett, Navy
Clarence Hoepfner, Marine Corps
Gary Lee Hoffman, Army
Raymond Walter Hoglund, Navy
David Holbrook, Army
John Rodgers Holland, Army
Carl Holm, Navy
charles Eugene Holt, Army
Karl Scheild Hoops, Marine Corps
Joseph William Horkan, Army
John Troy Horne, Air Force
Lawrence Thad Horne, Army
Neil R. Horrocks, Army
George H. Horton, Air Force
Henry Hothan, Navy
Ray Howa, Army
Edwin Heber Huband, Navy
James William Hueneka, Navy
Michael Lloyd Hurst, Army
Alan Calvin Hymas, Army
Joseph Ingram, Air Force
Jack Beckstead  Jack, Marine Corps
Leon Russell Jackson, Army
Edward Andrew Jacobsen, Army
Teresa D. Jacques, Air Force
Norton James, Army
Benjamin David Jansen, Army
Richard Jardine, Army
Robert James Jasper, Army
Leslie C Jensen, Army
Frankie Lincoln Jessop, Navy
William Roy Johansen, Army
Edwin Sigwart Johnson, Air Force
Norman Johnson, Army
Isaiah Anderson Johnson, Army
Jeffery Lynn Johnson, Army
Tracy Ronlad Johnson, Marine Corps
Jonathan Wayne Jones, Army
Norman Michael Jones, Marine Corps
Keith Jones, Navy
Annabelle Jose, Army
Merton Brown Jr, Air Force
Edward Kay, Army
Bernard Keane, Army
William Barber Kearney, Army
William Kehl, Army
John Kelly, Army
Kelly David Kelsey, Army
Ted J. Kelso, Army
John Kendzierski, Navy
John Wayne Kennedy, Army
Terry Don Kennedy, Marine Corps
William Kennedy, Navy
William Kenny, Army
Edward Kiely, Air Force
Walter Killian, Army
Steven J. Kimbell, Navy
William David King, Navy
Thomas Kinne, Navy
Erich Willaim Kirchoefer, Navy
James Jacob Knecht, Army
Joseph D Kujaczynski, Army
Roger Kunz, Army
Arnold Robert Lakatos, Army
James Lamb, Air Force
Joseph Patrick Lamoureux, Army
Neil Winterton Laresen, Army
Norman Dennis Larose, Army
Dean L. Larsen, Air Force
Brent Raymond Larsen, Army
Milton Larsen, Army
Darwin Jess Larsen, Army
George Phillip Larson, Navy
Johnny Legend, Army
Marvin Leven, Army
Melvin L. Lewis, Army
Loyd  Lewis, Marine Corps
Thomas  Lighthiser, Army
William D. Lindsay, Air Force
Gary Lamar Logan, Army
Carl Longhurst, Army
John Daniel Lopez, Air Force
Margarita Lopwz, Air Force
Delaine Elmer Lowray, Army
Abraham Lue, Army
Roy Wylie Lundell, Army
Stanley Albert Mackley, Army
Earl Maeser, Marine Corps
Lazarus Kahna Malabey, Navy
Thomas Dean Manges, Air Force
Joseph Darwin Mangum, Air Force
Frank Mann, Marine Corps
Glenn Lawrence Martin, Air Force
Randy Thelbert Martin, Army
Don Allen Martindale, Navy
Arthur Fritz Martinez, Army
Adonias Martinez, Army
Joe Martinez, Navy
Maclovio Isidro Martinez, Navy
Anthony Frank Martone, Air Force
william mason, Navy
Fred William Mason, Marine Corps
Ronald Stephen McCandless, Navy
Robert McCleve, Army
John arthur McCray, Air Force
Jerry Jay McDaniel, Air Force
Paul H. McLane, Army
Gary George McNeil, Army
Dan Lavell Meadows, Army
Tony Medina, Marine Corps
Tony Larry Medina, Marine Corps
Ronald Mellinger, Air Force
Ronald Charles Mellinger, Air Force
Karl Britten Merritt, Army
Johnny Eugene Middleton, Army
Leon Milgrom, Air Force
Amy Lee Miller, Air Force
Rollo L Miller, Army
Billie Miller, Navy
Norman Berry Miller, Navy
Patrick Charles Mills, Air Force
Darren Paul Mills, Army
Conrad Kay Mitchell, Army
Raymond Joseph Mitros, Army
David Lee Moffat, Navy
Martin Monical, Air Force
Tomas Miguel Montoya, Army
James Moon, Navy
Robert  A. Moore, Air Force
Robert Lee Morfin, Air Force
David Morgan, Army
Tyson Mortensen, Marine Corps
Clifford Myers, Air Force
Thomas Mysliwiec, Army
Clarence Hoston Nash, Army
Karl Naylor, Army
Laurence Jack Neel, Army
Willaim Nelson, Army
Max D. Nelson, Army
Michael James Nelson, Army
Floyd Nelson, Navy
Lee A. Nicholes, Navy
Paul Lavar Nicol, Army
Rex Earl Nielsen, Navy
Stephen Nillson, Navy
Cowan Glenn Nix, Air Force
Chad David Noel, Army
Conrad North, Army
Jesse Willard Oakes, Air Force
Wade William Oakeson, Air Force
Daniel Van Oaks, Army
Robert Oberg, Air Force
Eleanore Scott Ogle, Army
Warren Ohlhorst, Army

Dr. Glen Oldroyd, Navy
Jay Max Olsen, Army
Kenneth Floyd Olsen, Army
Roland Louis St. Onge, Army
Albert Ruben Ouzounian, Army
Jed Henderson Owen, Army
Paul Owen, Army
George Pace, Navy
Kenneth Alan Park, Army
Jerold LaVal Park, Army
Daniel Deloss Parker, Air Force
Richard Parry, Navy
Gail Leroy Parsons, Army
John William Passey, Air Force
Donald R. Patton, Army
Ross Paul, Army
Melvin Payne, Marine Corps
Robert Vernon Pearson, Army
John Oliver Perkes, Army
Robert Earl Perkins, Air Force
Calvin Perkins, Army
Richard Dwayne Perkins, Army
Raymond Clair Perry, Army
Richard Everett Perry, Army
Marvin Ray Petersen, Air Force
Glenn Peterson, Air Force
Robert Peterson, Army
Edward Bonner Peterson, Army
George L. Phillips, Army
Gary Pierce, Air Force
James Robert Pigott, Army
Joseph Loura Pimentel, Air Force
David William Pino, Army
Manuel Pino, Army
Tauapuaa Pita, Army
Liberty Pius, Army|Marine Corps
Harold Richard Pixler, Air Force
Charles Vatcher Pledger, Army
Gilbert Polidoro, Air Force
Bruce James  Porter, Navy
Lawrence Eugene Powell, Navy
Ronlad Lynn Powell, Navy
David Robert Price, Air Force
Nelson George Purinton, Navy
Leon Purkey, Navy
Ronlad Lee Quinn, Navy
James Edward Raaum, Army
Richard Radcliffe, Army
Charley Ambrose Raney, Navy
John Ellis Ranks, Navy
Michael Anthony Raso, Army
Robert Ratz, Navy
Leslie Reeder, Air Force
James Alvin Reisenberger, Army
Dennis Fred Remington, Marine Corps
George Cortez Reynolds, Air Force
Daniel Kevin Rhodes, Army
John E. Richardson Jr., Army
Lynn Carlston Richardston, Air Force
Robert Bob Richter, Navy
Robert John Rizzo, Navy
Brian  Roberts, Army
George Ellery Robinson, Army
Gabriel Rocha, Army
Phillip Craig Rock, Army
John Bernard Rodden, Army
Russell Paul Roesler, Army
Paul Rogers, Army
Gerald Walter Rogowski, Army
Albert John Roisum, Army
Marcos Rojas, Army
Earl Rose, Air Force
Arthur Rose, Air Force
Harold Rosen, Army
George Wellington Ross, Navy
Ismael Louis Rougle, Army
David Lynn Royer, Army
Robert Marshall Rudy, Army
JoJo Safford, Air Force
Barry Russell Sanders, Air Force
Calvin L. Sanford, Army
William Joseph Sansom, Navy
Gary Sanson, Navy
Laueren Robert Santour, Army
Robert Saunders, Navy
James Lee Sawyer, Marine Corps
Lawrence Richard Schafer, Army
Edward Ray Scherick, Army
Jc Schlosser, Army
Russell Arthur Schmidt, Air Force
Vernon Chester Scott, Army
Guido Scroepfer, Army
Gorden Alderbert Seeling, Marine Corps
Ivan David Sessions, Air Force
Russell Shafter, Air Force
Thomas Shamberger, Navy
Justin Michael Shannon, Army
Stephen Christopher Sharp, Air Force
Brent Lavern Sharp, Army
Clifford D. Shaw, Air Force
Grant Sheffield, Army
Mark Sheldon, Marine Corps
Martin J. Sheppard, Navy
William David Shields, Navy
Ralph N Shino, Army
James dana Shreckengosh, Marine Corps
Ernest William Simmons, Navy
Talive Lilii Sinfanua, Marine Corps
Ronald Herbert Skillicorn, Army
Michael F. Slaughter, Army
Jimmie Smith, Army
Carl Smith, Army
Jack William Smith, Navy
John Snow, Army
Ardee Mason Snow, Army
Phillip Jacob Snoy, Navy
Craig Walter Sorensen, Marine Corps
Otis Southerland, Army
Timothy Stephen Spencer, Air Force
Merlin J. Stephenson, Army
Merlin Stephenson, Army
Williams Sterbenk, Navy
Stanton Pierre Steuri, Army
Dallas Lynn Stevens, Air Force
Kenneth Stevenson, Air Force
Elmore Stewart, Marine Corps
Brandon Stewart, Army
William David Stickney, Army
Albert George Story, Air Force
Jeffery L. Story, Marine Corps
Reuben Strong, Army
Dennis Mark Strong, Army
Thomas Andrew Stubbs, Army
Robert Anthony Sumbot, Marine Corps
James Peter Suprise, Navy
Elmer Syndergaard, Marine Corps
Sally Ilene Taggart, Army
Thomas Francis Tarpey, Marine Corps
Betty Tasker, Army
David Henry Taylor, Army
Yale Domes Thomas, Air Force
Jan Thomas, Marine Corps
Gerald Boyd Thompson, Air Force
Lorin Thompson, Army
Nathan Daniel Thornton, Army
Cecil Dee Throckmorton, Navy
Therice E. Tibbitts, Air Force
Ray Elias Tippetts, Marine Corps
Leith Tolboe, Army
Charles Topalian, Army
Ervin Trexler, Army
Edmund Earl Tucker, Army
Arden Francis Tuckett, Army
James Gifford Turley, Air Force
John Thomas Turner, Army
James Turner, Army
Larry Ralph Turpen, Army
Christian Stanley Ulberg, Air Force
Devin Keith Valk, Marine Corps
Robert Johan Willem Van Ginkel, Army
R. Keith Van Roosendaal, Army
Robert Willem VanGinkel, Air Force
Judy Carol Velarde, Army
John Richard Verhaal, Marine Corps
Jack Frank Vogl, Navy
Frederick Glen Waldron, Army
Jack Philip Walker, Navy
Glen Arthur Walthall, Navy
Lloyd Arthur Walton, Navy
Larry K. Wardel, Army
Ronald Henline Warner, Army
Todd Christopher Warren, Air Force
Norman Cooley Wells, Coast Guard
David B. Wentzell, Army
Paul David West, Army
James Richard West, Army
Allen Robert Whalen, Army
Robert Whalen, Army
Lester Wheatley, Army
Bruce Vern White, Army
George Wieman, Army
Theodore Paul Wierzbinski, Army
John Russell Wigert, Army
Cleone William Wight, Army
Rodney Michael Wight, Navy
Asa W. Wilbor, Marine Corps
Keith Wilde, Army
Boyd Herschel Wilde, Army
Tom Gordon Wilkerson, Army
David Wilkerson, Navy
Kenneth Milton Wilkinson, Navy
Brent Michael Williams, Air Force
Jerry Williams, Army
Thomas Williams, Army
Richard Williams, Navy
David Williams, Army
Allen Perry Williamson, Army
Paul Willis, Army
Kyle Andrew Willis, Army
James Roland Windell, Army
Keith Winn, Air Force
Lee Winslow, Navy
Melvin Richard Withers, Air Force
Robert Witzke, Air Force
William Wolfe, Navy
David Bruce Wolford, Air Force
Charles Woodard, Army
Ernest Ray Woodward, Army
Lee Jim Worley, Air Force
James LaMont Wright, Air Force
William Wright, Navy
Clifford Reed Young, Air Force
Chris Leisilika Young Jr., Navy