November 23, 2018

Veteran First Time Homebuyer

Utah Wants You!

  • As of November 20, 2018, all funding made available for the Utah Veteran First Time Homebuyer Grant Program for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019 has been reserved.
  • Please check back in the spring, after the 2019 Legislative Session, for an update on the future funding status of the program.

If you are a recently separated Veteran (last 5 years) or a currently serving member of the military living in Utah and are interested in buying a home for the first time in Utah, this program is for you.

The Utah Veteran First-time Homebuyer Grant gifts $2,500 to Veterans and those currently serving who purchase their first home in Utah. Veteran eligibility is established by the Utah Department of Veteran and Military Affairs. Follow the link and application below:

Veteran Grant Status Validation (VGSV) Application (Application will be reposted if and when funds are available.)

Program Details:
Veteran eligibility is those veterans and currently serving members of the military, who are eligible for a VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility, and if no longer serving, have separated within the last 5 years.

Purchase must occur no later than five (5) years after separation from the service.

Residence must be located in Utah and purchased by the eligible veteran.

Eligible Principal Residence means:

  • A Single-family, attached or detached dwelling
  • A Modular or manufactured dwelling affixed to a permanent foundation and taxed as real property
  • A Condominium or PUD (i.e. townhome, twin home)
  • A One-Four unit Dwelling compliant with local requirements, at least one unit must be occupied by the Veteran as their primary residence

Residence must be the first home the veteran has purchased in Utah (could have owned a home in another state)

First-time Home Buyer means a Veteran who has had no present ownership interest in a Residence located in Utah (including, without limitation, any Manufactured Housing which is permanently affixed to real Property) at any time during the seven-year period prior to the date of execution Veteran First-Time Homebuyer Grant Certificate.

Residence must be occupied by the veteran as his/her primary residence within 30 days of execution of the mortgage documents.

Grant may be obtained from any Lender licensed to do business in Utah, mortgage loans can be VA or any other conforming Loan Product (such as FHA, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac). Lender means the bank, credit union, Mortgage bank, or other financial institution which is licensed to do mortgage lending in Utah.

As this is a new program, lenders may be unfamiliar with it. Have your lender refer to the Utah Housing Corp website: for a lender’s Funding Reservation Checklist and additional information.

Veterans are welcome to call the Utah Department of Veteran and Military Affairs for assistance: 801-326-2372

Check out our First Time Homebuyer Fact Sheet

*This is a pilot program to begin Aug 1, 2018 and ending on June 20, 2019 or upon depletion of the appropriated funds whichever comes first.