** As of March 1, 2024, we will not be able to accept further applications until more funding is available. Please check back in June for updates. 

The Utah Veteran First-Time Homebuyer Grant provides $2,500 to eligible Veterans and current service members (Active Duty, Reserve or Guard) to be used for the first-time purchase of a home in Utah. If you are a recently separated Veteran (last 5 years) or a currently serving member of the military living in Utah and are interested in buying a home for the first time in Utah, this program is for you.

Eligibility Requirements 

In order to be eligible for this program an individual must meet the following requirements:

  • Veteran that has separated within the last 5 years OR a Current member of the military (including Active Duty, Reserve and Guard)
  • Eligible for a VA Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility
  • A first-time homebuyer in Utah (owning a home in another state does not disqualify the applicant) 
  • Dual military/Veteran couples are only eligible for one grant

The home or residence must be the primary residence of the Veteran or service member and must be occupied within 30 days of executing the closing mortgage documents. 

Application: Utah First-Time Veteran Homebuyer Grant  


Application packages are due to UDVMA at least ten business days prior to closing and all required documents are due to Utah Housing Corporation at least five business days before closing.

This program is subject to funding availability based on appropriations from the Utah Legislature. Veteran eligibility is established by UDVMA. Grant may be obtained from any lender (bank, credit union, of other financial institution licensed to do business in Utah, mortgage loans can be VA or any other conforming Loan Product (such as FHA, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac). Lenders can find more information and a lender’s Funding Reservation Checklist at

Questions? Please contact UDVMA at 801-326-2372 or [email protected].