Veterans Advisory Council

The Utah Veterans Advisory Council advises the executive director of the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs on issues regarding Veterans throughout the state and federal matters that affect veterans locally.

VAC Council Members

Robert Pagnani VAC

Robert Pagnani

Gary Harter VAC

Gary Harter

Dave Phillips VAC

Dave Phillips

Paula Stephenson VAC

Paula Stephenson

Jerry Estes VAC

Sterling Poulosn

Frank Maughan VAC

Frank Maughan

Jerry Estes VAC

Jerry Estes

Jerry Estes VAC

Gary McKay

Veteran Homes Advisory Boards

The State of Utah owns and oversees the operations of four skilled-nursing homes for Veterans in need of long-term care. Each home has an advisory board that acts as a liaison between the Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, the residents, members of the community and the home administration. The advisory boards meet bimonthly remote, review and assure the provision of services for the residents, their families, and the professional staff that ensures the physical, spiritual and mental wellness of our residents

William E Christoffersen Salt Lake Veterans Home Advisory Board Members

Dave Phillips SLVH

Dave Phillips

Marilyn Uharriett SLVH

Sterling Pulson

Daniel Prorok SLVH

Gorden Steck

Frank Murdock SLVH

Ivette Orozco

Jack Krammerer SLVH

Christopher Scott

Jack Krammerer SLVH

Jim Patten

Jack Krammerer SLVH

Ninzel Rasmuson

George E. Wahlen Ogden Advisory Board Members

Curt Oda OAB

Curt Oda

John Knox OAB

John Knox

Tressa Quayle OAB

Tressa Quayle

Jim Harvey OAB

James "Jim" Harvey

Paula Stephenson OAB

Paula Stephenson

Jory Wahlen OAB

Jory Wahlen

Beth Topa OBA

Beth Topa

Lacy Bizios OAB

Lacy Bizios

Steven Steed OAB

Steven Steed

Marlene Summber

Marlene Summers

Mervyn Sharp Bennion Veterans Home Advisory Board Members

Art Richardson, Chair CUVH

Art Richardson

John Eakins CUVH

John Eakins

Vice Chair
Lee Orton CUVH

Lee Orton

Quinn Cloward CUVH

Quinn D. Cloward

Monica Arnold CUVH

Monica Arnold

Andrew Wilson CUVH

Andrew Wilson

Cindy Jones CUVH

Cindy Jones

Bill Wright CUVH

Bill Wright

Nick Flake CUVH

Nick Flake

Julie Fire CUVH

Julie Fire

Southern Utah Veterans Home Advisory Board Members

David Houston SUAB

David Houston

Gary Stolz SUAB

Gary Stolz
Vice Chair

Janet Warner SUAB

Janet Warner

Willem Van der Elst SUAB

Willem Van der Elst

Terry Dune SUAB

Terry Dune

Ira Amargo SUAB

Ira Amargo

Bart Davis SUAB

Bart Davis

Darrell Holck SUAB

Darrell Holck

Joe McKillop SUAB

Joe McKillop