Service Members, Veterans, and Family Members Grant Program (2023)

The Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs (UDVMA) is soliciting grant proposals for initiatives or efforts related to supporting military service members, Veterans, and family members (SMVF) in the areas of veteran/military outreach, employment, mental wellness, homelessness prevention, recognition events, or other support programs.

Maximum grant request: $10,000
Submission deadline: April 28, 2023 


Eligible organizations include:
1. Utah institution of higher education listed in Section 53B-1-102 of Utah Code;
2. Nonprofit organization involved in veterans or military-related activities; or
3. Political subdivision of the state All grant applications must include verification of an organization’s eligibility.

Proposals should be consistent with the mission of UDVMA and seek to develop, deploy, enhance or expand programs and services that directly impact SMVF in the State of Utah. Organizations may partner these efforts with other programs to leverage resources and more effectively deliver outcomes.


Please refer to the guide below for proposal requirements.

Proposal Guide


Grant proposals must be submitted electronically to Cory Pearson via email at Please provide the information requested and return all documents in Microsoft Word format, RTF format or PDF format.  Proposal must be received by the UDVMA on or before 04/28/2023 at 5pm. Please call email for verification that your proposal was received (


Contracts must be executed no later than 06/30/2023. UDVMA will provide administrative oversight, coordination and maintain decision authority for this initiative. Grant recipients will be required to submit quarterly reports delineating performance of the effort, veterans serviced, metrics and measurements, funds expended and future efforts pursuant to Utah Admin. R. 978-1-14(9). The Veterans Advisory Council (VAC) will provide operational oversight and the efforts of this initiative will be briefed two times a year to the VAC. The grant process is in accordance with State Rule Utah Admin. R. 978-1-14.

Maximum request for proposals will be at 10,000.00 dollars. The Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs reserves the right to allocate funding based on proposal evaluation and demonstration of alignment with program goals and objectives. The Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs does not guarantee that a proposal will receive funding or that funding will be allocated equally among awardees.