The first priority area for team Utah is identifying service members, Veterans and their families and screening for suicide risk. In order for suicide prevention and awareness efforts to be successful, we must first identify those we serve and those at risk or in need of support. 


  • Increase the number of providers who routinely use a standardized set of screening questions
  • Increase the number of crisis responders who screen for SMVF
  • Identify SMVF who are students at all postsecondary institutions in Utah
  • Increase normalization of help-seeking among SMVF
  • Increase the Military Cultural Responsiveness for community members who interact with SVMF  

Main Initiatives

  • Develop and conduct "Ask the Question" trainings for care providers and crisis responders to identify SMVF
  • Modify all post secondary application and registration processes to screen for SMVF
  • Implement trainings (ie. PsychArmor) to increase Military Cultural Responsiveness to school-based mental health and primary care/community organizations


Register with the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs

If you are a Veteran or service member living in Utah, you can register with Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs (UDVMA). UDVMA assists Veterans and current members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their dependents in numerous capacities. This includes the preparing and securing of claims for compensation, hospitalization, education, vocational training, and other benefits or privileges which Veterans and our current armed forces have earned through their military service. UDVMA also advises the Governor and state legislature on matters pertaining to military affairs throughout Utah and serves as a liaison to the leadership of Utah’s military installations, defense industry, and economic development organizations.

By registering with UDVMA, you help the state better serve you and your family. Any personal information collected by the UDVA will be kept confidential and will only be used for notification regarding Veteran related events, resources and SMVF benefits. Statistical data may be collected and used to support UDVMA's mission. No personal information will ever be given out without the prior written approval of the Veteran/service member or their legal representative. REGISTER HERE

Self-Screening Tools

Healthy Minds Utah: Self-assessment Survey — The Office of Substance Use and Mental Health within the Utah Department of Health and Human Services offers a free, anonymous assessment survey. TAKE THE SURVEY 

VA Veterans Self-Check Quiz — The Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline have joined with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to create the Veterans Self-Check Quiz. This is a safe, easy way to learn whether stress and depression might be affecting you. Using this service is completely voluntary and confidential. TAKE THE SELF-CHECK QUIZ

Help Yourself. Help Others: MindWise Innovations — Everyone experiences stress, sadness and anxiety from time to time—it’s part of life. But if you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or unable to do the things you once enjoyed, it may be time to assess your emotional health. If you are concerned about yourself or someone you love, take a few minutes to complete an anonymous self-assessment. TAKE A SCREENING 

Military Cultural Responsiveness Trainings - 

As a nationally recognized nonprofit leader and preferred training provider for military cultural awareness, PsychArmor serve members of the military-connected community and anyone who wants to more effectively engage with them. They power learning journeys, from continuing education to customized trainings, through a rich learning ecosystem—including online courses, curricula, podcasts, webinars, live speaking engagements, social media and more. Powered by PsychArmor, learners and organizations can collectively create impact and change that benefits outcomes for military, Veterans and their families. PSYCHARMOR.ORG