VA Health Care Eligibility Expands for Millions of Veterans Under New Directive

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is set to significantly expand healthcare eligibility on March 5, 2024, enabling millions of Veterans exposed to toxins and hazards during service—including those from the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Global War on Terror, or any post-9/11 combat zone—to directly enroll in VA health care. This also applies to Veterans exposed domestically during training or active duty. By sidestepping the PACT Act's phased approach, this policy accelerates access to health care by up to eight years for eligible Veterans, enhancing their immediate access to the benefits and care they deserve.

Veterans are urged to apply for health care starting March 5 via or by calling 1-800-MYVA411. This initiative aims to inform Veterans about their benefits under the PACT Act, which has already seen over 500,000 enrollments since August 10, 2022. This streamlined access reflects a pivotal step in honoring and serving America's Veterans and their families.